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Marvel's Greatest Comics : Fantastic Four #81

Marvel's Greatest Comics : Fantastic Four #81

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With their flying saucer destroyed, the Fantastic Four become the targets of the Mad Thinker and Puppet Master's latest scheme to get revenge on the Fantastic Four, this time using android duplicates of the FF's various foes. The FF (and Crystal) battle android versions of Kang, Dr. Doom, the Kree Sentry, Dragon Man, Namor, Hate Monger, Diablo, the Super-Skrull, Red Ghost and his Super-Apes, Wizard, and the Sandman.

With all the duplicates defeated, the two villains attempt to send their next one modeled after the Hulk to attack the heroes. However, it proves to be too good a facsimile, and it ends up destroying their base with them still inside. The Fantastic Four then hitch a ride back to the States with the Air Force.

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