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Marvel's Greatest Comics : Fantastic Four #93

Marvel's Greatest Comics : Fantastic Four #93

  • £4.95

This copy is a PENCE copy (12p).

Reed, Johnny, and Alicia stand over the Thing, who has seemingly died in his city wide brawl with the Hulk. However, by some small miracle, Reed manages to still detect a pulse beating beneath the thick skin of his long-time friend.

As the authorities and a crowd of gawkers begin to surround the heroes, Bruce Banner silently slips away, recounting how he almost killed Ben Grimm while he was the Hulk. With the mob growing unruly, the police attempt to arrest the Fantastic Four.

Reed resists, because, if they were to surrender, Ben would surely die. They are rescued at the last minute by the timely arrival of Sue, who keeps the mob at bay with her invisible force field, allowing Johnny, Reed, and Alicia to carry Ben to her ship and make their escape.

Estimated Condition: VG/FN (Used)

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