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Who's Who - DC Comics - 1985

Who's Who - DC Comics - 1985

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Slam and Batman exchange words. Batman wants to know how Selina is doing. Slam is coy about telling him and they end up fighting a "macho" battle to see who's the better man. Batman easily beats Slam but pushes him until he realizes he won't quit. Eventually, Slam sits on the side off the building and pulls out a smoke. He admits they both might be going crazy over Selina and Batman remarks that Selina has that effect on men.

Holly and Selina are on their way to Opal City when they stop to get some food at a random truck stop. Two men stop by the joint and hold it up for money. Holly uses her new training to beat up their captors and they make away with a $100k in mob money. Selina gives some money to the waitress for her trouble who in turn helps her dump the men's bodies at a different truck stop.

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