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Open Space - Whole Set #1 - #4

Open Space - Whole Set #1 - #4

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This sale is for FOUR comics, Whole Set #1 - #4

Open Space is a collection of stories told by some of science-fiction’s best writers, loosely tied together by an overarching plot. The plot concerns the release of the Smoots drive, a device which ingeniously circumvents the ultimate speed limit: the speed of light. With the cheap, easy-to-manufacture Smoots drive, the stars become open to everyone. The only problem is that Astranet (the company that created it) doesn’t want it released until they can find a way to properly capitalize on it. As far as Astranet is concerned, let humanity rot until then.

But that wasn’t good enough for inventor Drake Etchison. He arranges to steal a prototype of the drive and give it to wild card Jack Brody. Jack succeeded in demonstrating the drive to an incredulous world. Meanwhile, Drake was tracked down and murdered—but not before he succeeded in transmitting the plans to a hacker bulletin board. Now, at last, humanity has access to the open space…

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