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Phantom Stranger : Mini-Series #1 to #4 (Full Set)

Phantom Stranger : Mini-Series #1 to #4 (Full Set)

  • £12.50

Full Set of all issues nos #1 to #4

All over the world, chaos seems to be in control. Military tensions between the U.S. and the Soviets were escalating, unexplained seismic disturbances sent nations into panic, and crime and violence were epidemic. Once more, the cosmic troubleshooter known as the Phantom Stranger found himself called upon to save the day.

A servant of the Lords of Order, the Stranger soon learned that there were greater forces behind mankind’s recent strife. After battling various demons and apparitions he found himself facing the central figure in that plot: the fiend Eclipso. Eclipso, whose power works only in the dark, had joined with other powers in a plan whose ultimate goal was blotting out the sun itself.

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