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Phantom Stranger - Vol.2 #16

Phantom Stranger - Vol.2 #16

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A museum of the occult which specializes in wax sculptures of famous practitioners of the occult are after a woman named Dalia. When the Phantom Stranger intervenes he finds that the woman is amnesiac, and so he uses his powers to lift the fog of her memory.

He learns that she was an ancient sorceress who was going to be preserved by being made into a wax figure. When the two go back to the streets they are confronted by Dalia's fiance Ernie Drapper. After a misunderstanding and brief fisticuffs, the two men realize that Dalia has been kidnapped by the followers of the occult.

Battling them, a fire breaks out in the wax museum, but the Stranger manages to save Dalia and Ernie. Unfortunately, Dalia melts into a puddle of molten wax as her immortality was destroyed along the museum. After the battle, the Stranger leaves Ernie to mourn the loss of his fiance.

Estimated Condition: GD/VG (Used) (Price stamp on cover, small amount of handwriting on cover)

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