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Phantom Stranger - Vol.2 #21

Phantom Stranger - Vol.2 #21

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After Johnny Glory is sent to the electric chair for his crimes, his body is later picked up by minions of Cerebus, a member of the Dark Circle who uses his magic powers to resurrect Glory. He sends Glory to kill Chandu Gamal, the leader of a small mid-eastern country, who is in America on a good-will mission with his daughter Indiria.

However, attempts to assassinate Chandu attract the attention of the Phantom Stranger, who comes to the rescue after Indiria is captured by Glory. The Stranger frees Indiria and defeats Glory and his goons. In a final battle with Cerberus, Glory realizes that, in resurrecting him, Cerberus transformed Glory into a demon. Furious that he's been turned into a monster, he throws Cerberus into a pit of fire, and both are seemingly destroyed in the resulting explosion.

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