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Phantom Stranger - Vol.2 #26

Phantom Stranger - Vol.2 #26

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Leaving the flaming home of a Satanist, the Spawn of Frankenstein (carrying the body of Rachel Adams) is possessed by two demons who have appeared on this world as a result of the Satanist's spell.

Meanwhile, Terrence Thirteen is visiting his unconscious wife in the hospital. He is visited by the Phantom Stranger, to warn Thirteen of coming danger. Just then the Spawn of Frankenstein bursts into the hospital to steal Victor Adam's laser device, and also kidnap Marie Thirteen's body. All opposition given from both the Stranger and Thirteen are rebuffed.

Taking Marie and the device back to Adam's home, the demons try to make them use the weapon to kill Rachel Adams, but the Spawn resists. Finding the creatures too strong, the two demons possess the bodies of Marie Thirteen and Victor Adams. They then use their magic powers to attack the Spawn of Frankenstein who is no match for the demons magical powers. Meanwhile, Dr. Thirteen and the Phantom Stranger are racing to Adam's home.

They arrive just as the Spawn has thrown the possessed Marie out a window. The possessed woman attacks the two, and their battle against the demons gets more complicated when Thirteen is more interested in his revenge against the Spawn of Frankenstein. However, the rivalry is briefly put aside when the demons change their appearances and fly off.

The trio follow out the demons, where the Phantom Stranger uses his power to exorcise Marie and Victor, destroying the demons. After Terrence goes to check on his wife, he soon finds that he is alone, both the Phantom Stranger and the Spawn of Frankenstein disappearing in the aftermath of the battle.

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