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Phantom Stranger - Vol.2 #31

Phantom Stranger - Vol.2 #31

  • £7.95

When soldiers of fortune take over an ancient temple where it's followers have spent generations building a giant maze to apparently keep a demon at bay, they intend to sell the men off to slavery. However, one of these soldiers is an opium addict named Jones is visited by the Phantom Stranger, who tries to convince Jones to shake off his dependencey on the drug (which is the reason why he is part of this operation) and do what's right before it's too late.

When the wall is broken and the demon, Kang, is unleashed the Phantom Stranger and Jones work together to try and stop it. Although the demon is eventually destroyed, Jones dies trying to stop the would be slave traders.

Estimated Condition: VG/FN (Used)  Lovely cover, except tiny hand drawn asterisk)

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