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Planetary / Batman : Night On Earth

Planetary / Batman : Night On Earth

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Quote1I totally kicked his ass.Quote2: Jakita Wagner


Quote1You like him, don't you? He's your special bat-friend.Quote2: Elijah Snow


Quote1Get away from me.Quote2: Jakita Wagner

Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth is a one-shot with a cover date of August, 2003. It was published on June 25, 2003.

The Planetary team travels to Gotham City, in order to find a man known as John Black. They meet with representatives from the local office, explaining that Black's father was a survivor of Science City Zero, and they believe his father may have passed on some genetic enhancements to Black.

Their suspicions are confirmed when they see pictures of Black's victims, who met grisly, seemingly multidimensional fates. Investigating the spot he was last seen, they find him, but in chasing him encounter a bizarre individual dressed as a giant bat: Batman. Snow and The Drummer pursue Black; Jakita fights the Batman.

The insane Black's power is apparently to generate a multidimensional field, which rewrites sections of reality about him by sending his immediate sphere of influence careening across parallel worlds in the multiverse. Although Black and the Planetary team are unaffected, the journey draws different versions of the Batman from multiple worlds into the conflict, each singly determined to bring Black to justice, despite Planetary's insistence that only they can help him.

It's only when one such shift brings enlightenment to Batman and Black -- both men lost their parents to murderers -- that Planetary is able to convince Batman to let them take him in.

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