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Satan's $@#%* Baby #1- Dark Horse

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Eric Powell presents the single most offensive, controversial, and flat-out loathsome comic ever published by Dark Horse. Powell pulls no punches in his outrageous shots at major religions, political pundits, sexual practices, liberals, conservatives, rural life, and even the Prince of Darkness himself. No one is safe! The contents of this issue will never be collected, so this is your only chance to see them in all their filthy and despicable glory.

WARNING: This is NOT an all-ages book.

Never to be collected!

Eric Powell, creator/writer/illustrator of The Goon, manufactured controversy over this special issue using the [made-up] conservative, Bible-thumper, Margaret Snodgrass. Mrs. Snodgrass caused delay of the story (originally to be published as The Goon #18).

With the cover proclaiming this comic “vile, morally reprehensible subject matter” (even for Satan fans…), it uses countless stereotypes and prejudices to insult everyone and everything from farm animals to major religions. And yet, despite that, it contains less blood, gore, nudity and graphic sex than many mainstream titles on the market. Sure, there’s a pedophiliac priest, but when isn’t there? Originally planned as a regular issue in Goon, conservative public outcry resulted in this one-shot special instead—probably contributing to even greater interest and sales than if left alone.

The story kicks off with the birth of a hillbilly’s demonic “butt-baby—a better-endowed version of Hot Stuff, the Little Devil, a wide-eyed innocent with no apparent harmful intentions. Of course, that doesn’t stop the pitch-fork-wielding townsfolk—a scene that gives hilarious new meaning to the term pissed off! You don’t have to be a degenerate or Goon fan to enjoy this book—you just have to lighten up and laugh a little.

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