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Snowman: Dead and Dying #3

Snowman: Dead and Dying #3

  • £8.95

Variant Gen 13 parody cover by Matt Martin. Hell Came First.

Story and art by Matt Martin. Avatar takes over the publication of Matt Martins horror saga Snowman, about a malevolent Native American spirit that can control ice and snow.

In a last-ditch effort to stop the Snowman, the government unleashes its own malevolent snow-spirit, Frostbite, which turns out to be a bad idea all the way around.

Also featuring Martins time-traveling hero Vortex.

Cover spoofs the good-girl art of the Gen 13 series, with the added bonus that one character is literally a mannequin.

Final issue of the series; followed by Snowman Squared (1998).

24 pages, B&W. Mature readers.

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