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Stitched: Terror #1 - Horrified Trapped Variant

Stitched: Terror #1 - Horrified Trapped Variant

  • £12.95

This series is rated Adults Only
DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality gore sadistic violence

The undead horror returns, and now unleashed in America in double-sized issues! Sheriff Kat Noble keeps the peace on a quiet border town. But as young girls start to go missing, she’s pulled into a supernatural slaughterhouse and stumbles into the makings of the ultimate terror plot – Stitched loose in the streets of the USA! Pat Shand and Daniel (Uber) Gete make America scared again!

Each HORRIFIED issue has an eight page added section that was not in regular versions. These special bonus pages feature unedited, ultra-intense versions of covers. These are the the pure, visceral visions of the artists, never-before-seen!

Estimated Condition: NM (New)

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