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Strange Adventures #190 (Key: 1st app. of Animal Man)

Strange Adventures #190 (Key: 1st app. of Animal Man)

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Buddy Baker alias A-Man reflects on the circumstances that allowed him to acquire his incredible animal powers. He also recaps the adventures he had involving alien creatures and how he stopped them to protect mankind. Buddy wears his new Animal Man costume for the first time and announces that he is devoting his life to fighting evil. He renounces his engagement to his girlfriend Ellen, he doesn’t feel it would be right to endanger her life with his new crimefighting lifestyle.

Buddy picks up a message from a police scanner announcing that the Northern Electronics Corporation has been robbed.. He flies out to the crime location using his bird power. He spots the perpetrators on the ground and immediately subdues them but their boss Grabo gets away. A-man notices a hat on the ground and surmises that it belongs to the boss Grabo. He assumes the power of a bloodhound and uses it to track the bosses scent. The trail lead him to a nearby harbor and A-man notices a deserted island in the distance. He figures that Boss Grabo is probably hiding on that island and starts swimming to reach it with by absorbing the swimming skills of a nearby Tuna fish.

Although Buddy Baker did appear earlier, this was his 1st appearance as costumed Animal Man.

Key: 1st Appearance of Animal Man

Estimated Condition: VG (Used)

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