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Strange Adventures #236

Strange Adventures #236

  • £8.95

This story is reprinted from Mystery in Space #76.

While waiting for the next Zeta-Beam at the Iguazu Falls in Brazil, Adam Strange notices an alien creature watching him. Before he can react to it's appearance he is struck by the Zeta-Beam and is transported to Rann, where he is reunited with Alanna. The two happen to spot the same alien waiting for Adam on Rann. As Adam explains that he saw the creature on Earth before arriving on Rann, it disappears quickly. Alanna then takes Adam to the Festival of Dyalina taking place in Ranagar. Alanna explains that the Festival of Dyalina is a celebration of a legend that five thousand years ago a warrior named Pagathann defeated a tyrant and led his people to freedom where they built what is now Ranagar.

Estimated Condition: VG/FN (Used) (price stamp on front cover)

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