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Strange Adventures #239

Strange Adventures #239

  • £6.95

This story is reprinted from Mystery in Space #79. 

Waiting for Adam's next scheduled arrival on the planet Rann, Alanna notices that Adam's landing place is over dangerous quicksand and so she puts boards over the pit. Just as Adam is arriving via the Zeta-Beam, Alanna is struck by a strange energy and Adam arrives only to see Alanna disappear right before his eyes. Flying to Ranagar, Adam asks Alanna's father Sardath if he knows what could have happened. Sardath is just as much at a loss to explain what happened as well, and their pondering is interrupted by a cheering crowd. Sardath shows Adam that Alanna had prepared a statue commemorating Adam as the champion of Rann. Just then a bolt of lightning strikes the statue, and it's jolt is felt by Adam who also suddenly disappears.

Estimated Condition: VG- (Used) (price stamp on front cover)

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