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Strange Adventures Vol.1 #211

Strange Adventures Vol.1 #211

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Deadman follows the Hook's trail to El Campo, Mexico, where he is astonished to discover his twin brother Cleveland Brand is there, along with Cleve's daughter Lita. Unknown to Lita, her father is making extra money by helping wealthy Texas rancher Alf Jackson illegally ferry cheap labor across the Rio Grande.

When U.S. and Mexican authorities learn of the operation, Jackson orders Cleve and his aide Orry Kane to take the unsuspecting laborers back to the Rio Grande and sink the boats, drowning them and thus removing any evidence of Jackson's wrongdoing. At first, Cleveland agrees, but, when he is on the Rio Grande, he finds himself unable to commit such a crime.

Deadman then enters Cleve's body and helps him and the Mexicans defeat Kane and Jackson's gangsters. Later, Cleve tells Lita he only wishes Boston could see him now. Deadman, hovering invisibly over him, remarks that Cleve would be surprised...but that he still has not located the Hook.

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