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Strange Tales #162

Strange Tales #162

  • £9.00

The Gaff presents Fury with his new car-- a Ferrari 330/P4 Berlinetta, which is made entirely out of clear fiberglass, making it "completely invisible" from 100 feet away! It's also equipped with a color-changing rheostat, and vortex beams to replace the old mach-pressure fanjets. Fury & Val go to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s rebuilt ESP Division. There, Jimmy Woo detects that The Yellow Claw is in Chinatown. Nick tells Jimmy it's his job now, and goes there alone. After a harrowing encounter with a pair of Claw goons, Fury impersonates one of them, and in a darkened shop, meets Fang-Chu (The Claw) face-to-face. But Voltzmann gets the drop on him, and an instant later, he falls thru a trapdoor into the tentacles of a "monster cephalopod."

Estimated Condition: VG (Used) (Old price stamp on cover, bent corner)

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