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Strange Tales #176

Strange Tales #176

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Continued from  Strange Tales #174 ... Having just been saved by the Golem from a rebel army, Wayne Logan, and Jason and Rebecca Adamson are shocked at the creatures lethal methods. As the statue becomes inert again, they theorize how Rebecca's recently deceased grandfather Abraham Adamson, managed to revive the creature.

Taking it to the nearest port to have it shipped to the United States for closer examination, the Golem becomes a subject of interest for a sorcerer named Kaballa, who wishes to destroy the Golem. Learning that the creature will be traveling by sea, there by removed from it's strength source: the land. Kaballa sends out two of his air demons to attack those aboard the ship in the hopes of destroying the Golem.

When the air-demons attack the ship, the Golem comes back to life to battle them. The statue has trouble at first as his weakness shows true. However, suddenly the Golem's strength is restored to it's full power and it's able to destroy the air-demons by tossing them into the water. However, the battle had seriously damaged the ship and it is sinking.

Everyone abandoning ship, the Golem swims them all to the nearest island. There they ask the creature how it managed to gain it's missing strength, however the statue has no answer as it does not know itself either.

This story is continued next issue....

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