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Super Harem #1 - Virgin Cover Backers Edition

Super Harem #1 - Virgin Cover Backers Edition

  • £95.00

Author Matt Wenger
Editor Adam Af
Illustrated by Joe Ball
Contributor Farah Nurmaliza
Publisher Studio Fenic, 2020
*includes free gift trading cards that were part of the Indiegogo campaign

Tim has a bizarre power. Any woman he sleeps with gets super human abilities.


Apollo Beach is a popular resort town in the summer. There was a time that the small town even claimed it's own super hero, The Valkyrie! The Valkyrie once defended Apollo Beach against strange giant monsters. In winter now the tourists are all gone and they aren't all that is missing. Both The Valkyrie and the monsters she once battled have all disappeared.

Tim Boring is one of a handful of people who knows what happened to her. The Valkyrie's real name is Sofie Iceni and she was the love of his life. Sofie left Tim upon learning that it was The Valkyrie's powers themselves that had summoned the monsters she fought.


At a drunken party Tim meets Journeigh Weathers. Journeigh is a free spirited and somewhat selfish young woman who gladly takes on the mantle of The Valkyrie. Journeigh thinks fighting giant monsters would be fun and isn't concerned with the safety of those around her. Now he's stuck with a crazy woman who is willing to put all of Apollo Beach in danger for her own entertainment!