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Superman Legends #29

Superman Legends #29

  • £3.95

The Man of Steel is in the clutches of a horrifying alien intelligence in this issue of Superman Legends, as Brainiac’s plan for mass destruction gathers pace! With the whole issue dedicated to Geoff Johns’ brilliant story, you can read all the way through to the shocking conclusion!


Years ago, before the destruction of KRYPTON, KANDOR was visited by BRAINIAC - a horrifying alien intelligence that ABDUCTED the city!

On EARTH, in the present, Superman checked in with his colleagues at the revitalized DAILY PLANET - including returned gossip columnist CAT GRANT - before a rogue 'meteorite' called him to action.

This meteorite was a Brainiac probe. After defeating it, he and SUPERGIRL dissected it in the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE. Supergirl told him that had NEVER met the true Brainiac before.

Knowing now that there may be HUNDREDS of abducted Kryptonians still in Brainiac's clutches, Superman REVERSE-ENGINEERS the path of the latest probe and sets out a track Brainiac down.

He finds him 'collecting' another world... a world that is DESTRUCTED once the process is complete.

Superman has found Brainiac... and Brainiac has found him...

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