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Superman Vol.2 #1 (VF/NM)

Superman Vol.2 #1 (VF/NM)

  • £9.95

Three months ago, Superman learned that he was an alien from the planet known as Krypton. His foster father, Jonathan Kent, had hidden Superman's birth-matrix/rocket ship in a secret area of the farm, but it has since been stolen. Superman has been searching for the ship ever since.

His trail leads him to a laboratory complex where he finds the body of a dead scientist. Inside the complex are comprehensive computer schematics of Superman. Although Superman doesn't yet realize it, this lab is where the cyborg Metallo was created. Metallo's body had been ruined in a car accident, and the scientist transplanted his brain into a powerful robot body powered by an element he calls kryptonite. Superman picks up the entire lab and flings it into a safe orbit in outer space.

Estimated Condition: VF/NM

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