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Superman Vol.2 #102

Superman Vol.2 #102

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As the Kents enter the borders of Fawcett City, Superman is mysteriously prevented from entering by a magical force field, forcing him to change into Superman. Billy Batson, hearing that Superman is in town, changes into Captain Marvel and goes to investigate his presence. However, during this investigation, Superman is duped into seeing Captain Marvel as the Cyborg while Captain Marvel is duped into seeing Superman as Black Adam, leading the two into a fight that lasts until Captain Marvel hits the same invisible barrier outside Fawcett City.
Captain Marvel changes back into Billy Batson, and notices that the Shazam lightning bolt also exposes the being responsible for setting up the barrier. Superman tries to fight this being alone but is overpowered. Billy changes back into Captain Marvel and gives Superman a hand in defeating the being until he dissipates. After this, Superman and the Kents are allowed to pass through Fawcett City.

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