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Superman Vol.2 #138

Superman Vol.2 #138

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Superman's descendant in 2999 officially announces the formation of a superhero team called the Justice Alliance when the white-haired girl who has appeared in all four realities appears unto this Superman to warn him about the reality he is in. Suddenly a camera flash causes him to see in a moment all four realities he was cast in: the 1960s, the 1970s, the 1940s that ended up becoming the present day, and the 2999 reality. In all four realities, the little girl became the female cosmic entity called Kismet who said that these realities were created in order to destroy Superman.
However, the creator of these realities says these were created to find and destroy Kismet, and soon all four realities vanish as the Supermen of these realities merge together back into the single present-day Superman, returning back to the present day period he was in at the time of this story. As Superman and Kismet vanish to another part of the universe, only for Dominus to attack Kismet to the point of weakening her into a ball of energy and Superman unable to save her, two visitors to Metropolis give their own view of what happened with Superman: just as he was flying over Metropolis, he found himself mysteriously overwhelmed by being cast into these four realities that he fell to the ground, looking to observers as if he was losing his mind and behaving erratically.

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