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Superman Vol.2 #18

Superman Vol.2 #18

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Hawkman and Hawkgirl return Superman to the remains of Krypton, where he imagines an alternate life that could have happened if his father Jor-El discovered the cure for Kryptonite radiation poisoning, resulting in a mass exodus of Krypton before its destruction. In that imagined life, the Kryptonians settle on Earth and slowly take over its human population, forcing Jor-El to rebel against his own people, only to later learn that he has fathered a son that was born on Earth -- Kal-El. After returning to Earth, Superman attempts to replicate the Kryptonite radiation poisoning antidote, only to find out that it is useless. Superman muses that it's probably for the best, as he might need Kryptonite to remind him that he's "more man and a Superman".

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