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Superman Vol.2 #181

Superman Vol.2 #181

  • £5.95

In his home on 1938 Sullivan Place, Clark Kent is woken up by his alarm clock. Meanwhile, in the Graveyard of Solitude, Bizarro gets up out of bed as well. Clark walks over to the mirror, and makes a startling discovery. He wonders why he is so ugly, surprised by his face in the mirror, while Bizarro gets up, and hopes Lois will tell him that he's still asleep. Somehow, the minds of Superman and Bizarro have been switched, and each's mind is in the other's body. Bizarro, horrified by his face, is startled when he hears Lois telling him to get a move on or they'll be late from the shower. When Clark starts rambling, Lois gets confused, and Bizarro grabs Clark's clothes and leaves. Lois gets out of the shower, and sees Bizarro run outside to the balcony, breaking their sliding glass door, and flies off.

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