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Superman Vol.2 #188

Superman Vol.2 #188

  • £2.95

Amidst the wreckage of a city street, Superman lifts a car above his head and demands to know why Barrage is back in Metropolis. The battered supervillain struggles to answer, but not quickly enough for Superman. He slams the automobile down into the pavement, and into the shocked Barrage. Reaching into the wreckage, Superman rips Barrage out of the remains of the car. He succinctly informs Barrage that all of Metropolis is under his protection.
Then, to give Barrage an idea of what this entails, Superman hurls the villain hundreds of feet into the air and across the city. A concerned woman yells that Barrage will die, but Superman merely dismisses the idea. Barrage does wear armor after all. The owner of the car then approaches Superman about the damage done to his car, but Superman dismisses his complaints, by willing to just burn his autograph into the wreckage so that he'll be able to sell it online.

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