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Superman Vol.2 #192

Superman Vol.2 #192

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Spectators gather around the Metropolis Nuclear Plant, watching as the villain Radion uses his hijacked helicopter to fly around the facility. He threatens to crash into it and blow it up if someone from S.T.A.R. Labs doesn't save him from his powers. Lois Lane arrives on the scene, and after talking with on-scene reporter Constance Cross for a moment, she turns back to the plant. She watches in horror as the chopper descends towards the plant, when suddenly a streak catches the helicopter and places it on the ground. With a burst of super-speed Radion is pulled from the cockpit and hoisted above the plant. In a single motion, the villain is tossed into the stack of the plant. The crowd gasps as they see what appear to be Superman killing the villain. Overhearing them, the superhero lands beside Lois and Cross, telling them that all she did was throw Radion into the plant to cure his powers. Shocked, the two reporters ask who the hero is. She replies that she is Supergirl, Superman's daughter.

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