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Superman Vol.2 #193

Superman Vol.2 #193

  • £2.95

Superman soars through the sky with the new Supergirl in tow. As he lands atop a mountain outside of Metropolis he begins to tell Supergirl that she can't just surprise him when he is Clark Kent and call him her father. Supergirl replies to him that he told her his secret identity, but Superman says he doesn't have a daughter. Tears springing to her eyes, Cir-El tells him that she is from the future, yells out that he hates her. Superman tries tells her that she can't use her powers in anger like that, but she just bounds away, saying that he is acting exactly as they said he would. Superman pursues her and asks who 'they' refers to. Cir-El can barely name the Futuresmiths before a nuclear explosion rocks Metropolis. Soaring into the sky, he rushes off to save anyone he can. Cir-El bounds after him. 

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