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Superman Vol.2 #203

Superman Vol.2 #203

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As the refugees from Kandor succumb to the alien environment around them, one tells Basqat that they would have followed him if only he believed as they did. In the sky above Metropolis, Superman commands Preus to stand down. Preus knocks him back with a powerful punch, slamming him into a building. Lois looks up as the rubble falls toward her, only to be saved at the last moment by the remaining Kandorians. Recovering, Superman tries to tell Preus that Kon-lar and the other victims were only constructs of Lyla, but Preus doesn't even listen. Looking towards the ground, Preus' eyes begin to glow as he sends a blast of black heat vision towards the bystanders. Superman dives in front of the beam at the last moment. From the sidelines, Lyla wonders why he would sacrifice himself for others.

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