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Superman Vol.2 #4 (Key: 1st App. Bloodsport)

Superman Vol.2 #4 (Key: 1st App. Bloodsport)

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Jimmy Olsen is having lunch with Lucy Lane, when a maniac named Bloodsport, begins firing wildly into the restaurant rambling about the days when "Mickey and he got their cans shot off in 'Nam". Cops converge on the scene, but Bloodsport hops on his motorcycle and speeds off.

Superman arrives and consults with Metropolis Special Crimes Unit inspector, Maggie Sawyer. He uses his infrared vision to trace the heat signature from Bloodsport's bike. Superman tracks him to the Kenmore Bowling Alley and engages him. Bloodsport begins teleporting high-tech weaponry into his hands, including a rifle that fire Kryptonite needles. Bloodsport shoots and successfully wounds Superman with that specific gun to his surprise. Jimmy Olsen arrives to try and help Superman out, but Bloodsport escapes.

Key: 1st App. Bloodsport

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