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Superman Vol.2 #61

Superman Vol.2 #61

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As Waverider watches, saddened by the loss of his family due to the defeat of Monarch creating a timeline in which they never will exist, Superman helps the Metal Men extract a quantum field generator from a pile of rubble, trying to be careful not to cause it to explode. Waverider notices that among the crowd watching the excavation of the generator was the younger version of himself, Matthew Ryder, and his parents. However, as Superman attempts to move it with Iron, Lead, and Platinum forming a protective bubble around it, the generator begins to rupture, and Iron and Platinum cannot hold on anymore. Superman tries to fly it safely away from Metropolis with Lead still holding half of the generator together when it explodes -- but as it explodes, Waverider notices that time stands still, and a woman with metal robotic prosthetics examines the generator and transports both it and Superman out of the present time.

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