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Superman Vol.2 #77 (VF/NM)

Superman Vol.2 #77 (VF/NM)

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Lex Luthor has a sparring session with his karate instructor Sasha Green. Sasha shows no reluctance in showing that she means business, and kicks Lex so hard that he lands on his backside. Lex is furious at such an effrontery, but restrains himself from taking action.

Supergirl and Lois Lane interrupt his session to inform him that Paul Westfield of Cadmus Labs has abducted Superman's body with the intent of cloning him. Lex promises Lois that he will do everything in his power to make sure that Superman is put back "where he belongs".

Meanwhile, Jonathan Kent goes into cardiac arrest. Martha Kent rushes him to Smallville Medical Center where doctors labor to save his life. Jonathan has a coma dream wherein he sees his son Clark, beckoning him to come home. He has visions of the past of times spent with his son, watching him grow up.

Jimmy Olsen has a meeting with Colin Thornton of Newstime Magazine. Colin wants Jimmy to select the photograph that will be used in a Superman retrospective piece. Jimmy still cannot come to terms with the loss of Superman.

Later at LexCorp, Lex Luthor barges into the women's locker room and throttles Sasha Green to the point of death.

Meanwhile, Supergirl flies Lois Lane towards Project Cadmus. She drops her off near the Habitat are patrolled by the Outsiders. Supergirl breaks into Cadmus, recovers Superman's body and returns it to the crypt in Centennial Park. Lex Luthor arrives at the memorial and privately muses over burying Superman once again. With no ears around to hear him, Luthor confesses to murdering Sasha Green.

Back in Smallville, Jonathan Kent flatlines.

Estimated Condition: VF/NM

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