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Superman Vol.2 #82 - Chromium Cover

Superman Vol.2 #82 - Chromium Cover

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The Eradicator and Superboy show up to see that the engine of Engine City has been shut down. As Hal Jordan contends with Mongul using Steel's hammer, Superman presses on to contend with Cyborg, who reveals himself to Superman as being Hank Henshaw. Supergirl and a weakened Steel in ruined armor offer assistance part of the way until Steel causes the machinery of Engine City to come alive and capture them, also manipulating what's left of Steel's armor to try strangling him. Superboy uses his tactile telekinesis to break the armor Cyborg has control of while Eradicator tries to reason with Superman about being on the same side, also telling him how he was brought back from the dead.

Estimated Condition: VF/NM

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