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Superman Vol.2 #88

Superman Vol.2 #88

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Superman and Lois Lane have pursued Team Luthor to LexCorp, where they hope to reclaim the dying Bizarro. Despite the increasing problems with controlling his powers, Superman subdues Team Luthor without severely injuring them, and he and Lois enter. They find Sydney Happersen in the process of collecting living tissue from the creature at Lex Luthor's behest. Superman attempts to destroy the computer console, but his lack of control over his heat vision starts a fire. Although the fire and Luthor's security distract the Man of Steel, Lois gets Bizarro to destroy the tissue samples before they can be analyzed by Happersen. Superman flies a vat of toxic chemicals into space, where they can be safely disposed of, while Lois is left with the dying Bizarro, who professes his love for her. One of Team Luthor is unmasked by Lois and revealed to be a (newly bald) Lex.

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