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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Cut #1

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Cut #1

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Four amateur movie makers travel to Travis County, Texas in the hopes of recording footage of the legendary Hewitt house. The director of the troupe, Mike, attends the local Meatfest '07 event where he meats a local cook. The two talk and the cook tells him that he knows about the house and where it is located. He even offers to bring the young filmmakers to the house so they can inspect it for themselves. Excited at the prospect of recording footage where such grisly murders took place, Mike readily agrees. His colleagues, Darla, Marty and Vince do not share the same enthusiasm as their would-be director.

Once they all arrive at the house, the cook leaves them to their own devices. Darla loses interest and goes outside. Marty finds an empty room and sets up his audio equipment to record ambient background noise. Leatherface comes up behind him and kills Marty with his chainsaw. He drags the body away and into the family abattoir. Another member of the family, a butcher, walks outside and sneaks up behind Darla while she's smoking a cigarette. He bludgeons her multiple times over the head with a sledgehammer and drags her inside.

Shortly thereafter, Vince, the director of photography walks into a room and comes upon Darla's mutilated remains. Screaming in shock, he slips on a pool of her blood and falls onto the floor. The butcher comes up behind with a bolt gun and shoots him in the head.

Meanwhile, the cook continues to give Mike a tour of the house. Mike has an old 1950s educational video about beef preparation and is excited to incorporate it into his film. The cook leads the unwitting Mike to the family slaughter room. Upon seeing the gruesome, bloody room, he turns to run, but his path is blocked by Leatherface. The butcher uses the bolt gun on him, but the shot is not fatal. Mike temporarily passes out from the pain, but when he awakens, he is hanging upside down in the abattoir. Leatherface starts up his chainsaw and gets to work.

One year later, the cook attends Meatfest '08. He meets a young man, another amateur filmmaker, who wants to create a movie about the four missing film students who disappeared last year. With a smile, the cook offers to show him around town. The cycle continues.

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