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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Grind #3

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Grind #3

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As the book opens, we see that Leatherface has discovered the choir girls who escaped last issue. At the same time Sherrif Hewitt is being scolded by his mama for letting them escape. Leatherface kills one who mistakenly tries to make friends, the other two run off only to be captured by the Fat Lady and her daughter. While they are unconscience Sherrif Hewitt finds a note, that he gets very excited over. The two surving girls wake up to find themselves tied to chairs in the Hewitt house. Monty comes rolls his chair in and begins to fondle on of the girls, after she spits in his face he strangles her. Complaining that if Leatherface is allowed to do what he pleases to the last girl, she would die to quickly, Monty makes the case that he should be allowed to have her.  At dinner with the girl sitting at the table, Mama lets each of the boys give their case as to why they and not Leatherface should be allowed to kill the young woman. Monty is given the girl, and she is tied to his bed. When he tries to rape her she is able to overcome him and make her escape.   She grabs a bloody chainsaw and manages to fight of Leatherface. After finding a ride out of town she goes to the police who lock her up. Turns out another sherrif already warned them about her, and about how she killed the other members of her choir. As evidence he shows them a letter he found on her where she admits to being driven crazy by her father.

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