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The Best Of Judge Dredd

The Best Of Judge Dredd

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Hot on the heels of 2008's successful "The Best of 2000 AD" comes Prion's latest sci-fi comic strip offering. Judge Dredd is the future's most famous law enforcement officer bar none. He has graced the pages of the generation-defining cult sci-fi comic "2000 AD" for over 30 years and now also features in his own "Judge Dredd Megazine". "The Best of Judge Dredd" features a superb selection of the best strips that Dredd has starred in, from the historical (the first ever Dredd strip) to the definitive (America), and including the weird (Otto Sump), wonderful ("The Judge Child", "The Cursed Earth") and downright scary ("PJ Maybe").

An absolutely fantastic, enjoyable, well edited and well written book. A real page turner, hard to put down, complete literary masterpiece, must read book for all.

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