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The Demon Vol.1 #16

The Demon Vol.1 #16

  • £8.95

"Immortal Enemy!"

The Demon senses an evil disturbance in Gotham City and leaps across rooftops until he discovers Kafir, the Horned One. Etrigan wonders who could have the power to summon the demon before trying to send the beast back to the Pit. Kafir is no easy opponent, casting the "clinging cloud" to engulf Etrigan's head, rendering him unconscious as Kafir's mistress reveals herself as none other than Morgaine le Fey! The sorceress stays Kafir's hand, as she requires Etrigan's help acquiring a certain magical item. Bound physically and magically, Etrigan is at the mercy of his old enemy as she orders one of her slaves to brand the Demon with her mystical mark, allowing the diabolical witch to force him to do her bidding.

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