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The Eternals Vol.1 #3 (Key: 1st App. Sersi)

The Eternals Vol.1 #3 (Key: 1st App. Sersi)

  • £29.95

Arishem takes his place upon the ceremonial pylon where he will stand in judgment over humanity over the next fifty years. The temple of the God Chamber starts to quake and the other celestial minions begin sealing it off. Doctor Damian, refusing to let such historical treasures to be lost forever, elects to stay behind. Margo refuses to leave her father behind, but Ikaris doesn't give her much of a choice. He grabs Margo and races back to their aircraft.

*pence copy - cover price is marked as 10p.

Key: 1st App. Sersi

Estimated Condition: FN/VF (Used) 

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