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The Flash Vol.2 #120

The Flash Vol.2 #120

  • £3.95

Flash saves the life of the independent presidential candidate C. Jacob Cartwright who held a speech in Keystone City. After that, the mayor tells him that due to financial reasons the Flash is no longer welcome in Keystone City.

Meanwhile, Wally's friend the Pied Piper is leading a campaign against Cartwright and his right wing political targets. In his bureau, Piper receives a package with a spinning child's toy in it. It contains a message from his former criminal comrade The Top. Top claims he is somehow controlling Cartwright. Piper tells Wally and Linda Park about his suspicions regarding the presidential candidate, but both seem reluctant to help him. Therefore, Piper leaves with the intention to do anything and everything to stop Cartwright...

Estimated Condition: VF/NM (Used)

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