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The Flash Vol.2 #130

The Flash Vol.2 #130

  • £3.95

Max Mercury discovers what appears to be Wally West's dead body. After some investigating, Max, Wally and Jay Garrick learn that Wally was "killed" by a sentient super villain suit and sent back in time. So Wally decides to arrange his "death."

As the current Wally races off to fight the Suit, the future Wally wakes up in the morgue and races over to scene of the battle to put his past self in molecular shock and slow him down to the point where he appears dead. Wally's plan works, and the Suit believes he's killed the Flash and sends the "dead" version back in time a few hours. Unfortunately, while slowing his past self down, Wally got caught in an explosion and broke both his legs.

Estimated Condition: VF/NM

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