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The Flash Vol.2 #140

The Flash Vol.2 #140

  • £3.95

Wally West discovers Linda Park is still alive and asks her to marry him. She agrees and one month later, they get married. Then Wally realizes he is just hallucinating and Linda really is dead. He attends Linda's funeral and Linda's mother slaps Wally, calling him a murderer.

A month later, Captain Boomerang is engaged in some industrial espionage at WayneTech Enterprises in Keystone City, when Jesse Quick arrives on the scene. He tells her he has strapped Jay Garrick to a stealth boomerang that should leave Earth's atmosphere in one minute. Jesse takes off after Jay. She crushes the boomerang and Jay dives into the city reservoir, disabling a canister of anthrax bacilli that Captain Cold had planned to release into the city's water supply.

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