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The Flash Vol.2 #141 (Key: 1st App. Black Flash)

The Flash Vol.2 #141 (Key: 1st App. Black Flash)

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Wally West runs away from the Black Flash. Just as the Black Flash is closing in on Wally, Jay Garrick whisks him away at super speed. Jay barricades Wally in a room and begins battling the Black Flash with the help of Jesse Quick and Max Mercury. Jay gets knocked down and Wally reestablishes his connection with the Speed Force, bursting out of the room. Max prepares to sacrifice himself to the Black Flash when Wally appears and leads away the Black Flash. The two speedsters race around the globe, moving so fast they travel through time to the end of life, the universe and everything. The Black Flash falls prey to entropy and Flash begins running back through time.

Key: 1st full Appearance of Black Flash

Estimated Condition: VF/NM

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