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The Flash Vol.2 #163

The Flash Vol.2 #163

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Wally West and his wife Linda Park receive a belated wedding present. It takes a while until Wally realizes that this present probably comes from one of his enemies. Indeed, it is a bomb which the Flash is just able to dump into the Nevada desert. The explosion emanates a high-frequency transmission which indicates that Flash is not the only hero who is targeted right at this moment.

Using his superspeed, in the time span of a single heartbeat Flash finds out that fellow JLA members Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Aquaman are all in peril. But Flash is not only able to save all of his comrades, but he also tracks down the man who orchestrated all these assassination attempts. To Flash's surprise it is the villain known as Turtle. However, the Turtle anticipated all of Flash's reactions and actually has planned that Flash activates his own version of a time treadmill to transport him into the 19th century. But hearing this Flash can adapt his speed and sends the Turtle back into the stone age instead ...

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