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The Flash Vol.2 #170 (Key: 1st App. of Cicada)

The Flash Vol.2 #170 (Key: 1st App. of Cicada)

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Wally West thinks about how he loves Keystone City and he runs to a certain place. He's proud how it has become the blue-collar capital of the Midwest known for automobiles and manufacturing.
Moments later, Wally and Linda Park attend a hockey game of new Keystone City Combines. They had a ticket for Jesse, but she doesn't show up. Jesse has been really busy with her company and apologizes but she's missed other dinner dates and events with Wally and his wife. Across the arena Flash spots a civilian who resembles Leonard Snart who told him he was splitting town and wouldn't be around.[1] Before he can investigate Linda interrupts him telling him he's not paying attention. Before Linda can finish a KCPD officer interrupts to tell them there has been a disturbance at Keystone Motors.

Key: 1st Appearance of Cicada

Estimated Condition: VF/NM

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