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The Flash Vol.2 #175

The Flash Vol.2 #175

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Wally and Linda West attend the funeral of police officer Julie Jackam. After the service, Fred Chyre approaches them and informs Wally about Julie's son and that they think he is the father. As a proof, Chure demonstrates how when the baby gets upset his eyes flash yellow. Wally and Linda take Chyre, Josh Jackam and his nanny, Rita to the Police Department, but before they could arrive, it soon starts to to hail in the middle of June. Wally recognizes the danger and after he places everyone in a safe place, he turns to Flash at high speed.

Moments later, the Weather Wizard appears and demonstrates how much he has improved his control over the Weather Wand. Flash tries to fight back, but he is always overpowered by the force of nature commanded by the Wizard. While Flash is busy with a tornado, Weather Wizard finds Linda holding baby Jackam and tells her to give him his son.

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