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The Flash Vol.2 #192

The Flash Vol.2 #192

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Gregory Wolfe continues delaying Hunter Zolomon from meeting with Peek-a-Boo. In reality, he's delaying so that his guards can complete the orders to beat and drug her so that she won't talk and free herself from his control[1]. Iron Heights Penitentiary is assaulted by Gorilla City paratroopers. As a result of the attack, the power goes out and Peek-a-Boo teleports out of her specially designed cell.

In Keystone City, Wally West and his wife, Linda Park, are in bed discussing her recent pregnancy[2] when the phone rings. It is Detective Morillo, calling to tell Wally about the attack on Iron Heights. Wally tells the detective to keep everyone clear of Iron Heights and he heads out there at super speed.

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