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The Man-Thing Vol.1 #11

The Man-Thing Vol.1 #11

  • £4.95

Richard Rory is spending a night in the solitude of the Florida swamps, when he's visited by the Man-Thing. Rory talks about his recent adventures and losses, further lamenting about his life as a total loser. Finishing his story, Richard spies a woman bolting through the swamps.

Going after her, he literally trips over her, and she tries to attack him until the Man-Thing stops her. After Richard stops the Man-Thing from burning her by quelling her fear, they are attacked by a man in a mask, he grazes the woman (Sybil) but the Man-Thing makes short work of him.

*This is a PENCE copy, the price on the cover is 8p.

Estimated Condition: VG- (used) *small amount of handwriting on cover

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