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The Man-Thing Vol.1 #17

The Man-Thing Vol.1 #17

  • £4.95

Story continued from last issue and Giant-Size Man-Thing #4... Following the Mad Viking's murder spree in the swamps, and the Man-Thing's rampage of a local high school, Citrusville is under a strict curfew as the authorities and vigilantly groups try to track down both menaces. As Richard Rory reports the news, Olivia Selby, a concerned mother, becomes outraged that her daughter's education includes a course in sex education and demands that something be done.

Meanwhile, a group of hunters find the Man-Thing and think they downed the creature, however in reality the monster had passed out due to all the months of exposure to different emotions caused the mire-monster to collapse into a coma of sorts. With permission of the mayor, they dump the muck-monster into the Citrusville sewer treatment plant. When Richard Rory hears the news, he is upset and gets chewed out by his boss Mr. Carpenter for abandoning his post. Rory is ordered to cover the address the mayor plans to give about the rampages.

*This is a PENCE copy, the price on the cover is 9p.

Estimated Condition: VG- (used) *small amount of handwriting on cover

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